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Our Story

On 22nd November 2021, our beautiful daughter Kirsten passed away, after a short and sudden battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She was 14.


In the two years before she died, Kirsten had suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which robbed a vibrant, energetic child of so much. She wasn’t able to go to school any more, or walk very far, or concentrate for long periods.

For Christmas 2020 - Kirsten’s last Christmas - she had asked for a Box of Sunshine. So Lynsey (her Mum) put a box together of things that she knew Kirsten would like - from sweets to bath items, and from a treasured book to some bee print socks! It’s safe to say that Kirsten loved it!


So when we were thinking of ways we could both remember Kirsten and also help others, it seemed fitting to create some more Boxes of Sunshine.


What's in a Box of Sunshine?

Each item in our boxes has been inspired by Kirsten, and chosen because we thought a young person with a chronic condition, like Kirsten, might benefit from it in some way. There are 11 items in total. We don't want to give away everything, but here's a little taste of what we include:


A Card Game

Kirsten loved card games, especially ones she could win at! So we've included one of those.


Bird Seed

Kirsten enjoyed feeding the ducks at our local pond, and watching the birds in her Grandma’s garden. 


Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers were Kirsten's favourite flowers. 


Because everyone deserves a treat once in a while!

Knowing how tough it can be to live with a chronic illness, we want to let these young people know that they're not forgotten, and that so many people care about them.

Kev & Lynsey Hill

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